Monday, March 8, 2010

Via Brasil (New York, NY)

I'm not saying I'm against Brazilian food in the slightest. J explained it to me in this way: it's like the Thai restaurant. What he means is that every time he goes to the Thai restaurant, he always orders something he hates. He says he has finally found something that he likes. Once when we went to New York, J decided he wanted to try Via Brasil. Last time I tried ordering something I thought I would like (chicken stroganoff) and I was sorely disappointed. It is very rare that I go somewhere and don't at least mildly enjoy the food I'm eating.

J claims that he had his favorite meal ever at the Brazilian restaurant, misto. I remember thinking that he was out of his mind, and that it wasn't that good (bland). Misto is a mix of chicken, pork, beef, and sausage, served on a giant sword-like skewer. J likes to call it "meat on a sword". Being that it was his birthday, I thought it would be nice to offer to go back to Via Brasil (even though I had no idea what to order, which never happens. Usually I can't decide because there are too many things I want on the menu).

This time I decided to be more daring and try something very authentic and more out of my comfort zone: Feijoada Completa, black bean stew with fresh and dried beef, salt and fresh pork, bacon, sausage, and ribs served with rice, collard greens, orange slices and farofa (toasted yuca flour). J tried it and he thought it wasn't bad. I actually liked the collard greens ok but I really wasn't a fan of the rest of it.
This time J's food was delicious. I don't know what the difference was but the meat had a very nice flavor. So at the very least I've foudn something I can eat so J can have his favorite meal.
While this was tasty it really doesn't have too much in the way of being nutritionally sound and good for the Biggest Loser contest. I didn't eat too much so hopefully it didn't ruin my standing.

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