Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple, Brie, and Onion Panini

This, believe it or not, is mostly a Weight Watchers recipe. I wasn't planning on deviating but silly me I guess I just can't help myself. J wanted a little Virginia ham on his sandwich and no onions so his is a little different.

J's Sandwich:
raw honeycrisp apple
sourdough bread
spreadable butter

My Sandwich:
honeycrisp apple
sourdough bread
spreadable butter
apple cider

Basically I just assembled his sandwish and spread (very lightly) the spreadable butter on each side before putting it on the panini press (I just have a stovetop version). For my sandwich I cooked the apple slices and onion with a little cider and then put that on the sandwich with the cheese and cooked it in the same way as J's. This was our lunch on Sunday. I was sick so I didn't want to go out of the house and make it worse or contaminate anyone.

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  1. WOW-that sandwich looks absolutely incredible! I sell brie at the store I work with so I really need to try this recipe! MMMM