Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Central PA Pumpkin

A snow day is the perfect day for baking. You don't want to be outside anyway. You want to be warm and cozy. So revving up the oven ( I guess the overn doesn't rev but oh well) is the perfect activity. I should be grading papers but this is a lot more interesting. I'm not much of a baker when it comes to sweets and I tend to eat them too fast without enjoying them. I also had quite a bit of pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving. In central PA we don't use the same pumpkin that you get in the can. It's a long neck pumpkin seen here.

The round jack-o-latern ones are cow pumpkins meaning they feed them to the cows. The longneck pumpkin makes fantastic pies and so I thought why not use this Pumpkin Dinner Roll recipe I found. They are in the oven right now. I'll post the rolls when they are done.

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