Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beef Carnitas, Skinny Turkey Meatballs, & Chicken Pierre

Soooooooooooooooo...I'm not the best at finding where I put the camera and so I didn't get a chance to upload some of last week. Here are some beef carnitas I made in the oven while I was at church.

Ronaldos Beef Carnitas (from allrecipes.com)

Before, J didn't eat here once a week. Usually I make something easy or something he won't like. For example this week I am making everything with eggplant. I don't know why he doesn't like eggplant but because he is on a trip this week that's what I"m having. Be on the lookout for those posts later this week. Last week I tried a "weight watchers" recipe for turkey meatballs and sauce.

Skinny Italian Meatballs

I followed Gina's recipe for the meatballs but halved the recipe for the sauce. I would use something other than raw onions in the meat. I don't like chunks of partially cooked onion in my meatballs. Maybe onion powder? If anyone has other thoughts on this feel free to let me know.

For some reason there's also a meal that J calls the required meal. This is something healthy or using an ingredient I knowingly used that he doesn't like etc. He actually thought the meatballs were going to be that meal but instead he got stuck with these beauties. For some reason I have trouble recreating something to be exactly the same. It's lucky most things I make are new. Here's a chicken recipe from allrecipes.com I've made in the past that failed so badly this time I added a piece of melted provelone. It only helped a little. I will say the first time I made it we liked it a lot, so I have no idea what went wrong.

Chicken Pierre (from allrecipes.com)

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